Chinatown Field Trip Information

Notes for the CFO of Each Study Group:

1. Please make sure to keep the restaurant receipt and any remaining money.

2. Please indicate the tip amount (if any) on the receipt.

3. Please have all group members sign the receipt before putting it and the leftover money back into the envelope provided.

4. Please return the envelope to your seminar leader on the Thursday after your Chinatown trip. 

Metro Directions for those traveling from GMU’s Fairfax Campus

(Since this is a group assignment, we strongly recommend your traveling to Chinatown together with your study group members. You cannot start the group assignment until all the members are present. Please leave the campus by 8:00am to ensure arriving on time, at 9:15am.)

  1. Take the Orange Line from Vienna/Fairfax, toward New Carrollton;
  2. Transfer to the Red Line at Metro Center toward Glenmont;
  3. Take the “7th St. and H St.” Exit at the Gallery Place/Chinatown stop on the Red Line (1 stop away from Metro Center);
  4. Map/Directions from the “7th St. and H St.” Exit to the Meeting Location

Maps for Grocery Store Assignment

Stores accessible through CUE Bus

Stores accessible by car

Other Transportation Information

General GMU Transportation Information

The CUE Bus

The Mason Shuttle

DC Metro Map

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